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The Seraphim Angels...

Connecting with the Seraphim Angels frequency, is life changing,

everything changes, including you.

The high vibrational frequencies that you begin tuning into, and bringing into your life experience, support you in ways, that you will not have had access to before.

Yes, this is a journey of choice, a journey of self discovery, a journey with ups and downs, but ultimately, a journey towards a version of yourself, that will always bring Peace, Love, Joy, and Abundance into your life.

At the end of the day, isn't that what we are all searching for...

The changes that are ongoing with this one (ME), just keeping coming, keep flowing, and for the first in my life, I am beginning to tap into authentic happiness. I have always managed to find the inner peace (certainly for the last few years) but authentic happiness eluded me until now; it is a wonderful work in progress...and well worth the effort.

I am blessed to be guided by a team of Seraphim Angels, all delighted to be working with me, their LOVE bestowed, second only to Elohim.

The loving frequencies support me in every way imaginable; this is where I see the life changes occurring naturally.

When you are ready to begin working with the Seraphim Angels, you will have already completed various self healing journeys, lifted your vibration, mastered some inner peace experiences, awakened your intuition, and have a good understanding of the Archangels.

Working with the Archangels is an essential step forward when moving towards the Seraphim Angels, as you need to master holding the Archangel frequencies within your system.

NoNonsenseAngels are offering three Seraphim Angels services at the moment; a Seraphim Angel Session, a workshop in March, and a Seraphim Angels Training program;

(please note, the training program closes to new participants at the end of February)...

If you have any questions you can contact us HERE, and to book your session/place/or training, please use the links above.

Many blessings


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