What is ReBalance SL?

ReBalance SL is an energetic clearing at Human and Soul Level.

Within the space of your Akashic Records, accompanied by your Spiritual Team, all intrusions, misplaced energies, imprints and blocks, are cleared and balance restored. The results can be noticed instantly, but can take days or weeks to complete.

Reasons to have a ReBalance SL session:

Stressed - exhausted - not sleeping - feeling off colour (more often than not) - nightmares - feel as if your thoughts are not your own - feeling blocked (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically) - lack of motivation - can't quit an addiction - life feels off track - unexplainable aches and pains - mood swings - headaches and head pressure - feeling lost - depressed - at a crossroads and can't move forward - fearful more than peaceful - lacking Divine alignment .

Many levels of interference can cause the above symptoms, and can be cleared with a ReBalance SL session.

This process is done distantly accessing your Akashic Records and your Higher Self.

Over 60 areas are cleared where necessary. Once these dense energies and energetic intrusions are discovered, 

the Angelic Host using Divine Energy, restore balance.

A detailed report is then emailed to you. ​

First Time ReBalance SL - £65 p/p

Follow up sessions are available for existing clients who wish a check-up.

This includes reinstatement of shields.

Follow up sessions are £50