ReBalance SL

ReBalance SL Training

Although this course is for ReBalance SL Training for yourself only,

it can pave the way for further training within the Akashic Records.

This online training is offered on a one-to-one basis, created to work within your schedule.



learning how to clear yourself at an energetic and Soul level.

Which will include the removal of all intrusions that are impacting you day by day, hour by hour,

and interfering with your Soul Connection.




involves learning how to request 'shields of light', in a grounded, aligned manner.

This is an essential aspect of the training,

and understanding this, will ensure that you do receive the shields of light requested.

You will also learn how to differentiate between beings of light and *false beings.




protect us from ALL intrusions and interference,

here you will learn about and deal with over *55 intrusions.


ReBalance SL Training


There will be 6 face to face sessions, via Video Chat


The first session, lasting about 90 minutes, will include you receiving a 'live' ReBalance SL Session.


This will be followed by 5 weekly sessions of 30 minutes.


*All necessary documents will be sent to you.


In-between session support is available at most times, via text and email

phone-call when necessary.


Start calling on your Akashic Records Guides and Angels now, if you are planning on taking this training,

and get to know them.

The secret to success with this training is practise


and you will be required to balance yourself (ReBalance SL) every day during the training, for 6 weeks.


Financial Exchange - £325.00

Please note: this training is for 'self clearing' only...




The Akashic Records ReBalance SL training course offered by NononsenseAngels is literally an answer to my prayers. What an AMAZING impact it continues to have on my life!

    Before the course I was so frustrated and dissatisfied with my life and spiritual growth. I felt exhausted and unfocused. I never had enough time in the day to complete everything or to care for myself. I could not meditate or connect with my spiritual guides.

    At first I saw the Soul ReBalance training as a spiritual hygiene practice. Performing it once or twice daily did make me feel better. But soon it became something much more profound. Connection with my spiritual guides continues to grow stronger and clearer. Spiritual knowledge is more accessible. 

My connection to all Creation is evident on many levels. And my spiritual purpose is becoming revealed.

    I am much happier, no matter the circumstances. My day is easier.  

Obstacles are more easily stepped around with the spiritual guidance readily available. This greater sensitivity to the impactful unseen interferences around us, comes with routine self-rebalance. This greater sensitivity also alerts me to my own negatively impacting behaviours and thought patterns, allowing me with spiritual guidance to unlearn them; speeding up my own spiritual growth.

    I have no doubt that this is the most important spiritual training I have ever completed to date, and I encourage anyone who has stepped on the path of spiritual growth and awakening, to consider taking this course.  

Mary Miller, M.D.

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+1 (608) 480-8118

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