Is your home happy?

Does it give off a positive energy?

Are there rooms or areas in the house you avoid?

Do you live near a cemetery or a hospital?

Have previous tenants had a run of bad luck?

Is there something going on in your home, but you just can't put your finger on it?

Every single event, past and present, whether they are positive or negative, creates an energy. ​If these are positive in nature, they will enhance any environment, but if they are discordant in nature, they can create all sorts of detrimental areas within your home, which will negatively impact you and your family.

Are you living in a home where the previous owners got divorced or were very sick?

Are you living in a home that's been called an 'unlucky' house?

Discordant energies that have been created on the very ground your home sits, since the dawn of mankind, are still present on that very spot, and these need to be cleared, and balance restored. This can easily be achieved with a 'property clearance'. All detrimental and unseen energies are cleared with a Space/Property Clearance.​

Financial Exchange - £65

A follow up property clearance is available for existing clients at a reduced price - £40​

Property Clearance Training is available - please contact us for details.