Intuitive Session

Intuitive Session

If you'd prefer a Reading/Session that is not Angelically Guided, then an Intuitive Session is for you.

(Intuitive Sessions are 'sourced' directly from you)

The guidance and messages received, are from your Higher Self as well as your Human Self, 

all relayed to you in a loving, compassionate manner.

Each session is empowering, and specific to you in that moment, although any life area (past or present) can be looked at within the space of an Intuitive Session.

No two sessions are ever alike,


and the sacred space you will create for yourself, will guide you forward...

Financial Exchange - £65

These sessions are 'live' via Telephone, Skype, FaceTime, or GoToMeeting

Rae is not only a great teacher, but also a gentle, kind man. I am very grateful to him for his guidance. I've had a rough time, and Rae has helped me through this in his own unique, loving, intuitive, and no nonsense way. He helped me get back on track. I recommend him highly. He offers sessions that connect us to our Heart. Thank you Rae!

"Marga Janssen. Holland"

Rae, the one thing that you did during our training, that helped me the most, was on the day of our second or third phonecall, you taught me to feel my ego...

Your level of mindfulness is profound.

The insight you have about guiding people to feel themselves is profound.

Not once have you ever told me what decision to make, or whether someone is good or bad for me. You always guided me inward.

I'm becoming really aware at how rare this trait is in a healer. It sets you apart!

M.N.F. Australia.

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