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In the Company of Angels: List

In the Company of Angels with NoNonsenseAngels
A wonderful way to begin connecting with, and familiarising yourself with the Angelic Realm, especially the realm of the Archangels.

Meet Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel as they support every life area within the space of Transformation. Guiding you within always, join this powerful duo and witness change within your life.

Accompanying Michael and Gabriel, we have the one and only Archangel Amiel; she brings delightful energy, wisdom and knowledge that will support you within all life areas, but especially, New Beginnings, Prosperity and Abundance.

To complete this 8 months training program, two other Archangels will come forward, best suited to you in that moment, and these Angelic connections will grow and expand as the training nears its end, leaving you Archangel enlightened, empowered and ready to move forward with Archangels by your side...
Financial exchange:  £1,000
All sessions will be recorded via Skype.


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