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I started working with the Archangel Connection (AC) with an open mind. I was really pleasantly surprised to start exploring the many levels and possibilities the AC Healing Tool can offer us.

Under the gentle and clear guidance of Rae/Antu and the Angels, I discovered ways of working with the AC, as well as different ways of setting intentions I had not thought of. 

Once the connection was established, the Archangels supported me clearing deeply stuck, accumulated past life traumas, limiting beliefs and vibrations, accompanied with insights and guidance as to how to proceed in the most appropriate manner in the moment. Also, absolutely beautiful meditation journeys that gave my soul such joy!

This Divine journey of getting to know the Archangels better this way, has found me in awe. The energy in my life has started to flow much better, on many levels.

In deep gratitude to the Archangels and Rae for the Archangel Connection.

Samalia, The Netherlands.

I was recommended to try Rae’s work by a practitioner I was working with. I am very careful about who I work with, as not all practitioners are working at a depth or alignment that feels coherent with what I need.  I have done work on myself for over 50 years and Rae’s work is ‘next level’.  His capacity to work with higher frequencies, to bring in what is needed, is extraordinary, and he has a purity and level of care that gives the work a much bigger context and container. This is extraordinary work and I look forward to engaging with Rae is more sessions as the time is right.

I booked a ReBalance session with Rae not knowing what to expect.  I find the language of ‘protection’ tricky but Rae has a purity and clarity that transcends any need to understand or to have a particular belief system.  It simply works.  I feel stronger clearer, more aligned, less doubtful.  I feel joyfully able to claim my own space and to trust that I can do that, and still do the work to bring in love and healing for us all.

The meet your Spiritual Team session is a joyful connection to those higher beings/frequencies that are ready and willing to support us.  Although Rae had sent me a note of my team, and I began engaging with them then, it wasn’t till the session that I felt a strong connection to those energies. His work brings clarity, clears doubt, elevates the energies. I feel empowered, fuller, more able to step into my own being. Rae is a true master of this work. but done from such humility and care.  He is a delightful human being doing great work.  And on UK time zone…….

Frances Barker

Sept 2020

Rae walks beside me for a few years now. He has become a dear friend. 
I have received several sessions and trainings. I really like his work, his insights are profound and spot on. You can feel his wisdom and support is sincere. His guidance is at a high level, and his calm and friendly approach touches my Soul. 

My Spiritual Team session was intense. I felt not only a loving connection with the Angels and Ascended Masters but also a feeling of deep mutual Respect and Wisdom. Energetically there was a lot going on, but words cannot explain what I felt. I know being aware of my Spiritual Team will support me a lot, it will make such a difference. 
Thanks Rae. As always. xxx

M. J. 

The first time I used the Archangel Connection Healing Tool I set my intention for specific healing, the connection was immediate and I received a strong loving energy from the Archangels.

What it also does, is guide and give you healing where you didn’t think you needed it; it’s very intuitive and opens up and helps clear and release other aspects.

When you truly relax into the AC that’s when the wonderful energies of the Archangels come through. I also find that not only am I receiving healing, but prompts to help me on my journey, for example the Ho'oponopono came up every time I asked for healing and forgiveness with people, and I’ve also been guided to do other things on the back of these sessions.

The AC is also wonderful just to help with a deeper connection with the Archangels, as well as helping with manifestation.

A truly wonderful tool that I am using most days to support me.

Thank you Antu 🙏😇

During a very challenging and difficult time recently, Antu has walked beside me as a wonderful friend, whose support wisdom and insights have helped me beyond words. 

I’ve also been blessed to receive several of his amazing sessions, such as ReBalance SL, Archangel Healing Sessions (distant) and 'live' Angel Sessions. Each one has been completely different and exactly what was needed for healing and wisdom in that moment.  

Antu has a very big heart, is kind and caring, and his connection to the Angels and Spiritual Realms is very grounded, real and enlightening. 

Heather. UK.

Rae is not only a great teacher, but also a gentle, kind man. I am very grateful to him for his guidance. I've had a rough time, and Rae has helped me through this in his own unique, loving, intuitive, and no nonsense way. He helped me get back on track. I recommend him highly. He offers sessions that connect us to our Heart. Thank you Rae!

"Marga Janssen. Holland"

The Archangel Connection Angel Card (AC) gave me clarity in my connection with the was as if I was being raised up and could be supported with a higher, purer level of connection and hence healing.

The closer connection supported me to see the blocks which were hindering me in all aspects of my life - spiritual, health, and work - and to remove these blocks so I could move forward on my spiritual path.

The AC will support anyone who wishes that closer connection with the Archangels which supports them to explore their spiritual path and themselves with more clarity, focus and love.

V. C. Scotland

Rae, the one thing that you did during our training, that helped me the most, was on the day of our second or third phonecall, you taught me to feel my ego...

Your level of mindfulness is profound.

The insight you have about guiding people to feel themselves is profound.

Not once have you ever told me what decision to make, or whether someone is good or bad for me. You always guided me inward.

I'm becoming really aware at how rare this trait is in a healer. It sets you apart!

M.N.F. Australia.

The Archangel Connection (AC) energy is really strong, you can feel it as soon as your hands are placed on the Angel Card, always providing a very healing and supportive energy. The AC supported me to connect with Archangels I hadn't previously called upon, and has enabled me to get used to their energy and  unique support. 

Since using the AC, there has been a significant change in my communication style with others, I have been able to speak out in difficult situations where previously I would have held things in or reacted in an angry communication style.  This has led to more open communication and less upset for other parties, preserving the relationship. 

The AC takes you into a beautiful meditative state quickly, and in that space I did lots of Inner Child healing.

The AC has helped me to see things from a different perspective, and also to make time for daily healing/ meditation. 

J. C. Scotland

I have had several Sessions with NoNonsenseAngels and have been extremely happy with all of them. 

My spiritual team session identified guides that have also been confirmed to me by other intuitives, so I feel that is very affirming. 

When I asked Rae to do a Soul Profile for me, I had written down some questions, which I never had a chance to ask him, but which were clearly answered in my profile. 

He is very kind, tactful, helpful and non-judgmental. I have recommended him to several of my family members. 

Thanks so much, Rae, for your wonderful work! 

Julie Engeldinger

I found the Lucia Light to be a totally different, exciting and new experience.  
It provides a colourful kaleidoscope of ever changing colours and patterns which are fascinating to watch. 
It is restful and relaxing to just lie there totally immersed in the present leaving your worries and cares behind. 
I would highly recommend this to any interested parties.” R. Austin, Aberlour, Scotland.

The Akashic Records ReBalance SL training course offered by NononsenseAngels is literally an answer to my prayers. What an AMAZING impact it continues to have on my life!

Before the course I was so frustrated and dissatisfied with my life and spiritual growth. I felt exhausted and unfocused. I never had enough time in the day to complete everything or to care for myself. I could not meditate or connect with my spiritual guides.

 At first I saw the Soul ReBalance training as a spiritual hygiene practice. Performing it once or twice daily did make me feel better. But soon it became something much more profound. Connection with my spiritual guides continues to grow stronger and clearer. Spiritual knowledge is more accessible. 

My connection to all Creation is evident on many levels. And my spiritual purpose is becoming revealed.

I am much happier, no matter the circumstances. My day is easier.  

Obstacles are more easily stepped around with the spiritual guidance readily available. This greater sensitivity to the impactful unseen interferences around us, comes with routine self-rebalance. This greater sensitivity also alerts me to my own negatively impacting behaviours and thought patterns, allowing me with spiritual guidance to unlearn them; speeding up my own spiritual growth.

I have no doubt that this is the most important spiritual training I have ever completed to date, and I encourage anyone who has stepped on the path of spiritual growth and awakening, to consider taking this course.  

Mary Miller, M.D.

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