"Lucia Light is like a voyage into another dimension, filled with love, light, peace and joy...I was moved to tears!
As I journeyed in this myriad of colours, shapes and sensations I was faced with aspects of myself I had never met before, and these aspects were supported and nourished in absolute love. I saw lots of Buddha's, light beings and lotus flowers as I dwelled in a place of absolute tranquility.


In the second journey, I travelled at the speed of light through what appeared to be 'worm holes', meeting on one occasion a divine being of light; it was like travelling through photons of divinity, leaving me in a state of bliss. At the end of the session, I was left completely at one with the universe and completely at peace with myself. I would highly recommend Lucia Light with Antu Asar, who beautifully held and supported these journeys so amazingly."

Tracey O'Neill, Collinson, Scotland.

“I found the Lucia Light to be a totally different, exciting and new experience.  

It provides a colourful kaleidoscope of ever changing colours and patterns which are fascinating to watch. 

It is restful and relaxing to just lie there totally immersed in the present, leaving your worries and cares behind. 

I would highly recommend this to any interested parties.”

R. Austin, Aberlour, Scotland.

"After the initial demo session I had my first full light journey which lasted 17 mins ,and the next one was 24 mins.

Both sessions were slightly different but wonderful.

The colours were out of this world, very bright and beautiful, I felt lots of Angels with me, supporting me as well.

I felt the first journey was more of a clearing out or cleansing session, which I felt I needed, so spot of for me. The 2nd light journey gave me relaxation and clarity, I was able to ask questions to myself and answers were immediate, and now that I’ve had time to reflect they were very accurate and insightful.

The whole session was very relaxing and I slept wonderfully that night and felt amazing the next day. I would definitely recommend the Lucia Light and would love to do a course of sessions. Thank you Antu once again for an amazing experience

Sam Jhiseer Wilson. Lake District, England.

What an experience, loved the colours, felt so relaxed, and was in the zone very quickly, felt I had a team of Angels with me. 

Slept great last night, felt some worries had been lifted. I went for a higher level and it was like that divine love I feel when doing mediumship very loving and healing. Looking forward to more sessions, recommend this and you should give it a go.

Derek McGillivry, Elgin, Scotland.

Amazing Lucia Light session, so much more than what I thought it was. I love colours and colour therapy but this lamp totally enlightened me. Before the session I was tired, felt like I was coming down with something, busy head and menopausal.

I had a demo session which was a few mins, then 2 x 20 min sessions with beautiful music in the back ground. Just felt like I was being lifted and absorbed in the light and colour displays. Afterwards, I was left feeling more upbeat, more energy and my sore shoulder was not sore. Slept well and raring to go today. I want more! 

Angela McPherson, Elgin, Scotland.

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