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Fancy a Healing Session with the Seraphim Angels?

A healing session like no other, providing you with a wonderful healing space, thanks to the Seraphim Angels…

Bathe in high vibrational energies and frequencies, which will easily support your entire being.

Remaining grounded and in the moment as much as possible during this session, you will clear stuck energies within the body, release energetic layers of disempowering thoughts and ways of being, balance your chakra system (including those above/below the body), bring balance to your energy-fields (including aura repair), clear your Divine channel, release and bring to your attention, any karmic connections that are disempowering you, clear the light-pathways between you and your Soul, Guides, and Angels, bring forward Soul previous lifetimes for clearing, stimulate Akashic Records connections to support this lifetime, and send love and light through every thought, word, action, reaction that you have experienced during this life!

These sessions are offered Individually, or in a Group setting via Skype.

Please visit the website for further details, click HERE!

Thank you, ...


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