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Akashic Records Training: List

Soul Above, Soul Below with NoNonsenseAngels

Soul Connection - work towards clarity of connection, awareness of Soul presence.


Soul Connection/Soul Flow - honouring and utilising this connection, finding peace and confidence to represent your Soul during this lifetime.


Soul Alignment - representing the Soul, working with others from within the space/energy of the Soul, and providing others with the space to do the same.




Training Program Stages


1. Soul Connection:
honouring your current way/state of being, and your current soul awareness, clearing your system (allowing release, and healing), observing blocks, interference, patterns/behaviours. Your So
ul will call forward an Archangel to assist you throughout the first stage of this program.



2. Soul Connection/Soul Flow:
as you begin to embrace more deeply, the So
ul connection, you will heal in a manner that will free-up energies and wisdom, that are offered via the Soul. This stage shall be unique to each participant, providing all that is needed for Soul connection, Soul flow, and Soul representation.



3. Soul Alignment:
NoNonsenseAngels will provide each participant with a client list, somewhere between 4-6 clients. Each student will do live sessions with these clients, these sessions will be known as Soul Alignment Sessions. During the session, you will represent your Soul, passing on energy and wisdom from the client’s Soul (which will flow directly to you via your Soul)…a basic format will have been established for these sessions. 



6 months training - 12 x 1hr sessions total - in-between session support as required - 


£750 GBP


(Additional training/time can be requested to complete this program; an additional fee will apply)


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