Supporting you to maintain that peaceful life...



Rae (aka Antu) and the NoNonsenseAngels Team are based in Scotland, providing services to support you maintaining that peaceful life. 

Working closely with the Angelic Realm, (especially the Archangels), and the Akashic Records, Rae has observed over the years, how they can guide us towards self realisation, empowerment, and nudge us forward, as we access the innate abilities that reside within each one of us. 

Life experience, and first hand training with the Archangels, has had Rae discover skills and abilities (Angel Communicator) that can serve us all.

In a world with challenging experiences, and daily ups and downs, it's essential that you are able to pause, giving yourself time to tap into that aspect of your being, that is always still, always peaceful, always ready to listen, always ready to guide you forward...

Our Mission, is to support you awakening to and connecting with this enlightened aspect of your being, your SOUL

Our Vision, is for you to experience peace in every given moment.


“The lotus flower blooms most beautifully from the deepest and darkest depths.”



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