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Business Clearing: List


This service provides your business with an energetic clearing on every level...

It deals with all daily unseen interference, blocks, energies, and other discordant elements that are impacting your business.

You will also receive information, that you may need to be aware of (for example: are any of your beliefs or thoughts getting in the way).

The more I have worked with businesses from a ‘clearing’ point of view, the more I understand that this is an essential aspect for any business to move forward in a clear and empowered manner.


This process is done distantly accessing the Akashic Records for your business.

My spiritual team guide me towards the interference to be cleared, and where balance needs to be restored. A detailed report is then emailed to you. ​

Business Clearing ReBalance SL - £50.

Follow up sessions are available for existing clients who wish a check-up.

Follow up session - £40

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