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Advanced Business Clearing: List

This service provides your business with an energetic clearing on every level, which will include a physical location, and staff members.

Dealing with all unseen interference, blocks, energies, and other dense elements that are impacting your business, this service will create a better flow throughout every aspect of your business.

You will also be provided with any information, that you or your staff members may need to be aware of regarding the business...​(for example: are any of your beliefs or thoughts getting in the way - these will be offered privately to each person if required, or as a group).


This process is done distantly accessing the Akashic Records. A detailed report is then emailed to you. ​

Advanced Business Clearing  - £105.00, plus **£45 per staff member.

(** this is a reduced rate)

Follow up sessions are available for existing clients who wish a check-up.


To make enquires or to book your Advanced Business Clearing

click the button below

(please state how many staff member clearings are required)

Angel Communicator

Spiritual Advisor

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