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Angel Session: List

Higher Self Alignment Workshop 

This workshop, created to support you aligning to your Higher Self; and in doing so, opening yourself up to a much broader spectrum of LOVE and LIGHT, constantly available to you, from this higher aspect of your being.


Your Higher Self is always present, always observing, always ready to assist.


It’s wonderful and beautiful to connect with your Spiritual Guides, Master Guides, and Angels, but a much clearer flow emerges when you begin to acknowledge or master the Higher Self Connection.


When you master the Higher Self connection, or even begin to explore this concept, everything begins to change. The changes occur because you are opening yourself up to a higher dimension, higher vibrations, and the wisdom and knowledge of your infinite Soul.


If we had connected with the Higher Self in childhood, things would be very different now; that’s how significant, and useful the Higher Self connection is, guaranteed to bring potential and possibility your way.


As this is a workshop, it will last a bit longer, and you’ll participate in Healing SessionsExploratory Meditations, Higher Self Connection, and whatever else is required to support you.


Even if your Higher Self relationship is flowing and clear, this workshop can be used to expand that connection even more…


Sunday 21st May, 3pm - 5.30pm

£45 GBP

Recorded via Skype 


Feel free to contact us with queries.


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