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Your first journey with the Lucia N°03 Light:

Typically sessions last for 1 hour (including about 40 minutes of light)
While each light guide offers slightly different ways of holding space, this is the typical format for a light session.

Step 1 - Tune in: 
- The Lucia N°03 light guide introduces the light traveler to the experience. 
- The Lucia N°03 light guide offers the light traveler a selection of music and starts by sharing a bit of breathwork and a 2 minute demonstration session. 
- After the first 2 minutes, the light guide will check in with the light traveler and see if they want to try a more intense session, try the same intensity of session again, or move directly into a longer session. 

Step 2 - Let go:
- During the longer session, the initial intention is to let go. Let go of any fears, expectations, thoughts, etc. Allow the light in. 
- Each session is completely different so trust that you will get exactly what you need in that moment. 

Step 3 - Welcome forward:
- After the light turns off, take your time coming back. Slowly return, noticing the differences you feel in perception, in your body, clarity, mind, etc. 
- Share your experience with your light guide and ask any questions. Remember - it's all white light so whatever you see or experience is all uniquely created by you!
- We recommend you take at least 30 minutes to simply be present before picking up your phone or driving a car. Meditating or journaling are recommended at this point. 
- We invite you to drink lots of water as energy has moved through your system. 

​Note: While 1 session with the Lucia N°03 can be powerful, a series of 6 or more sessions (with 1-3 sessions a week) is recommended to experience the full range of benefits and shift your nervous system. Each session with the Lucia N°03 is unique and with more sessions, you learn how to go deeper into the experience and often light travelers report having even more profound journeys.

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