Lucia Light Experience


What to Expect

Your first journey with the Lucia N°03 Light:

Typically sessions last for 1 hour (including about 40 minutes of light)
While each light guide offers slightly different ways of holding space, this is the typical format for a light session.

Step 1 - Tune in: 
- The Lucia N°03 light guide introduces the light traveler to the experience. 
- The Lucia N°03 light guide offers the light traveler a selection of music and starts by sharing a bit of breathwork and a 2 minute demonstration session. 
- After the first 2 minutes, the light guide will check in with the light traveler and see if they want to try a more intense session, try the same intensity of session again, or move directly into a longer session. 

Step 2 - Let go:
- During the longer session, the initial intention is to let go. Let go of any fears, expectations, thoughts, etc. Allow the light in. 
- Each session is completely different so trust that you will get exactly what you need in that moment. 

Step 3 - Welcome forward:
- After the light turns off, take your time coming back. Slowly return, noticing the differences you feel in perception, in your body, clarity, mind, etc. 
- Share your experience with your light guide and ask any questions. Remember - it's all white light so whatever you see or experience is all uniquely created by you!
- We recommend you take at least 30 minutes to simply be present before picking up your phone or driving a car. Meditating or journaling are recommended at this point. 
- We invite you to drink lots of water as energy has moved through your system. 

​Note: While 1 session with the Lucia N°03 can be powerful, a series of 6 or more sessions (with 1-3 sessions a week) is recommended to experience the full range of benefits and shift your nervous system. Each session with the Lucia N°03 is unique and with more sessions, you learn how to go deeper into the experience and often light travelers report having even more profound journeys.

“I found the Lucia Light to be a totally different, exciting and new experience.  

It provides a colourful kaleidoscope of ever changing colours and patterns which are fascinating to watch.

It is restful and relaxing to just lie there totally immersed in the present leaving your worries and cares behind.

I would highly recommend this to any interested parties.” R. Austin, Aberlour, Scotland.

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