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What is the Dream Machine?

The Dream Machine is a vessel for the exploration of consciousness, powered by innovative photostimulation technology. Where years of meditation are required to reach certain states of consciousness, here a simple press of a button takes you on this introspective journey.

Depending on the session you have selected, the Dream Machine generates a customized sequence of light flashes. These flashes, perceived through your closed eyelids, are filtered to gently but evenly stimulate your retina. Each session includes phases of stable rhythm, encouraging the emergence of the photic driving phenomenon.

This ingenious process acts as a beacon for your brain, inviting it to synchronize harmoniously with the light rhythm. In so doing, you are guided into altered states of consciousness.

94% of our users have reported the perception of hallucinatory geometric shapes, while 89% have been transported by an explosion of colors generated by their own brains.

Our practices are firmly rooted in rigorous scientific studies, which served as the basis for the design of our technology. They have guided the development of our solution and ensured the protection of our innovation through patent registration.


How does the Dream Machine work?

To start your journey with the Dream Machine, first switch it on and open the corresponding application. Wait a moment while the device connects. If this is your first use, the application will automatically download all available sessions. This may take a few minutes, but you'll only need to do it once.

Once you've downloaded the sessions, you'll have a wide range of experiences at your disposal, with different objectives and durations: relaxation, creativity, energy, and much more. Choose your session.

Then position yourself comfortably in front of the Dream Machine, keeping a distance of approximately one meter. When you feel ready, press "play", close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the journey...

How many sessions are available on the application?

There are currently over forty sessions available, ranging in length from 3 to 70 minutes. And we're adding more all the time!

Are some sessions accompanied by music?

The Dream Machine experience is intensified to an intensely immersive level when coupled with music! Many Dream Machine sessions are harmoniously combined with musical compositions, some specially created by talented artists to complement the experience. Other sessions benefit from hypnotic audio accompaniments that we've meticulously crafted. For the remaining sessions, we offer you the freedom to select your favorite tracks, allowing you to further personalize your sensory journey.

What role has French flair and expertise played in this development?

The Dream Machine is proud of its French roots. Every aspect of its development and design highlights French know-how and expertise.

The Dream Machine's aesthetic design was entrusted to Alix Videlier, a French artist-designer renowned for his unique approach. His innovative aesthetics and eye for detail brought our vision of the Dream Machine to life.

As for the device's electronic engineering, this was carried out entirely in France. Our team of French engineers worked with passion and determination to create a high-quality product, combining cutting-edge technology with ease of use.

The development of the application that accompanies the Dream Machine was also carried out in France. 

It's also interesting to note that the genesis of the stroboscopic phenomenon on which the Dream Machine is based was discovered in the 1960s by artist Bryon Gysin in the South of France. So we're particularly proud to continue bringing this very French project to life!

In short, the Dream Machine is a true alliance of French art, technology and engineering.

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