Vehicle Clearing

Vehicle Clearing

A vehicle clearing is an 'energetic clearing' for your car,

or any vehicle you will be using to travel.

Accessing the Akashic Records, with my Spiritual Team,

all intrusions and dense energies, are cleared and alignment restored.



Perhaps you're selling your car, or you've just bought a new one.

Maybe it's a second hand car, and you want to clear away all energies from the previous owner.

Did someone borrow your car for the weekend, or was your car in an accident.

Did you experience road rage from another driver?

Detrimental energies can get stuck within the car, and within the materials used to create the car.

Your car uses gas/petrol/oil to function, creating tiny explosions to operate.

It's essential that you keep these dense energies clear.

Financial Exchange - £20

On completion of payment, please send me the following information - 


Name of present owner - 

Address where vehicle is kept - 

Make and type of vehicle - 

Number plate/reg - 

Date when vehicle was first registered - 

Previous owners names if possible/applicable - 

Has the vehicle been in any accidents - 

And a recent photograph of the vehicle -  

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