Transformation with

Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel


the act or process of transforming,

the state of being transformed,

change in form, appearance, nature, or character.

This Angel card is focussed on Transformation, and with Archangels Michael and Gabriel, you can use this card to bring alignment, understanding, and observe ways forward for any life area.

Archangels Michael and Gabriel, have been supporting my clients and myself for about 10 years, within the space of Transformation. They began showing up at exactly the same time during sessions, and brought with them the space of Transformation, which carried clarity and potential ways forward. So it was no surprise to me that they wanted to create an Angel card.

As with all NoNonsenseAngels cards, it is created within the Akashic Records, embedded with Archangel frequencies, which adds to your Soul frequency, also embedded in the card, courtesy of your Higher Self...

Active participation is required for these cards and a set of instructions is emailed to you. 

There will be a video introduction, and as with all NoNonsenseAngels cards, you can join the online, monthly healing session and receive wonderful healing/clearing energies from the Archangels.

Financial Exchange:  £25 p/card.

postage is added in the shop

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