Spiritual Team


We each have a main Spiritual Team, made up of Ascended Masters and Archangels.

This team never changes throughout your lifetime; although some others will come and go, based on your current experience.

Your main spiritual team, is chosen and created by your Soul, before your human self is born. 

This team are then in constant communication with your Soul, and your Akashic Records throughout your lifetime.

Getting to know your spiritual team will benefit you in many ways, as well as supporting you on your self healing journey.

These Spiritual Team Guidance sessions, will provide you with the following: *the names of your main spiritual team, *how they are supporting you, *their guidance, and *healing/clearing of your body, mind, soul!

As an example, here is Rae/Antu's main Spiritual Team:

Archangel Michael

Mother Mary

Quan Yin

St. Germain

Master Kuthumi

Lord Melchizidek

Serapis Bey


Financial Exchange - £70

These sessions are 'live' via Telephone, Skype, FaceTime, or GoToMeeting

I have had several Sessions with NoNonsenseAngels and have been extremely happy with all of them.

My spiritual team session identified guides that have also been confirmed to me by other intuitives, so I feel that is very affirming.

When I asked Rae to do a Soul Profile for me, I had written down some questions, which I never had a chance to ask him, but which were clearly answered in my profile.

He is very kind, tactful, helpful and non-judgmental. I have recommended him to several of my family members.

Thanks so much, Rae, for your wonderful work!

Julie Engeldinger

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