Soul Alignment Session

A deeply healing session with masters, Mother Mary, Melchizedek, and Lady Faith.

There are two stages to this wonderful session.

During the first stage, you will engage with Mother Mary, who brings 'heart centered love' to you.

Within the sacred space of your Akashic Records (where we will connect in a grounded and constantly aligned manner)  she will support you to look at LOVE, Self LOVE, and remind you of your Higher Heart connection. 

(higher heart connection is essential if you are to fully engage with your Higher Self).

Following on from this is Master Melchizedek, as he ensures that within the space of alignment, you are accessing your Higher Self clearly, and to the best of your ability in that moment.

Guidance will be given to better understand the Higher Self flow, and what needs to be done to maintain this.

All the time, receiving sacred soul knowledge, specific to you.

To complete this stage, you will then be joined by Lady Faith (the Divine complement to Archangel Michael).

Lady Faith will support you to 'remember', remember who and what you are. She will engage with you on every level as you connect with and remember the Divinity within.

Connecting with Lady Faith reminds you to trust, request clarity, remember, accept and surrender.

(session time: 45 minutes).

The second part of this session will be scheduled for three weeks later.

During this check-up session, which will last 25 minutes,

you will connect with the same masters and your Higher Self.

Guidance will be offered to support you, ensuring that everything is flowing as it is meant to be. 

This information will already have been received by myself, which I will relay to you!

Any questions will be answered.





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