• Rae Antu Asar

Welcome to the new look website...

As I began working with different energies and ideas lately, I decided it was time for a new look on the website, a fresher look, to accompany these new and exciting energies.

When I tuned-in, it was the Lotus Flower that appeared...

The Lotus Flower reaches for the light, emerging from the darkest depths.

It remains connected to the murky depths, and opens every morning with the sunshine, each petal basking in the glorious rays.

The Lotus Flower is about rebirth and spiritual enlightenment, direction, creation, and is often used to symbolise the opening of the crown chakra.

If you sense a time of creativity and rebirth for yourself, then focussing on the energies of the Lotus Flower will empower, guide and support you...The Buddha is often seen emerging from the Lotus Flower!

As beautiful as the Lotus Flower is, there is a simplicity to its way of being, an empowering calmness, and I wish for that calmness to flow to you, when you visit this website...

I have been working on a different project for some time now, and it's just about ready to be revealed, watch out for the next post!

as always,



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