• Rae Antu Asar

Spiritual Development Group

Some of my students need practise with their psychic and clairvoyant abilities, and I thought some of you, might like to join a development group/class that I'm intending to run online, twice a month, each session lasting 80-90 minutes.

Initially, it will run for 3 months, 6 sessions in total, then we see how we wish to proceed.

(This group will only move forward if 10+ people sign-up.)

How will each online, group session look?

We will begin each gathering with a healing/clearing meditation with the Archangels, followed by group and individual prayer requests and intentions, then move into a series of exercises to support, maintain, and develop your psychic abilities.

We will work with Archangels, colour, energy, intuition, your auric field, group activities, person to person activities, and whatever else the Archangels suggest. You will also be paired with someone in the group at the end of each gathering, so that you can both meet online, a couple of times, and practise what you've worked on during the group session.

You'll be connecting with at least 8 Archangels and 1 personal Spiritual Guide.

Some activities will be questions and answers right there and then, and some (if not most of them) will require you to write down your answers, and email them to me afterwards.

Your results will be between, you and me only...

You will receive notes and guidance ahead of each gathering, saving time, and preparing you for the session.

*These sessions may be recorded for you to view at a later date, but I'll need to check how that will work, energetically...

Each session costs £12 GBP (£72 total) paid in advance, via bank transfer or PayPal.

(Once 10 people have signed up, I will then request your payment, and the first session date will be arranged). Each session will begin at 7pm UK time.

If you have any questions, or wish to sign up now, please email me.



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