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Seraphim Angels Workshop

​Meet and connect with the Seraphim Angels Consciousness; these powerful beings of light, bringing you closer to your Inner Angel.


Rae’s team of 8 Seraphim Angel Guides will be facilitating the workshop; taking  place over two days.

The Seraphim will invite you to go deeper within your being, and gently discover anything getting in your way, slowing you down. Your Soul will be fully connected and merged with you throughout this workshop, allowing understanding and peace to lead the way. 


Throughout the two days, you will connect with the Seraphim Angels Consciousness (this connection will immediately start a clearing process), receive guidance and knowledge just for you, be shown some different methods to clear and support your entire being, deepen your Archangel Connection (this is important, if you wish to further travel through the Angelic Realms), and there will be time for Questions and Answers.


The remainder of the workshop, will be ‘in the moment’, as we move forward with the Seraphim Angels…


Date: Saturday 16th March, 2-5pm, and Sunday 17th March, 2-5pm.

This workshop (open to everyone interested) will be recorded via Skype, and the Seraphim Angels suggest that you do your very best to attend the live sessions each day, regardless of your country, and time zone…

For further details please visit the Workshop page or contact us.

Many blessings


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