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Seraphim Angels

Without going into too much detail, Seraphim Angels are the highest vibrational Angelic Beings that exist, and connecting with these beings can bring the deepest healing, the most wondrous wisdom, and a Divine connection, that will support anyone, with the desire to move towards living the best, and most peaceful, joyful life...

My Seraphim Guide is called Oosa, and she is welcoming those of you ready to connect with the Seraphim Angel Consciousness.

Each session is unique and beautiful, bringing clarity, potential, possibility, and in some instances, a peek into the future!!

As with all NoNonsenseAngels sessions, you are in charge, it is up to you to create the session you desire; and the same can be said for these Seraphim Angel Sessions; are you ready to access the next level of your Angelic Self?

In the not-too-distant future, there is going to be a Seraphim Angel Workshop; in order to participate with this workshop, you will need to experience at least one Seraphim Angel Session with NoNonsenseAngels.

Please visit the website for details, or contact us directly.

Many blessings


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