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NoNonsense Angels Update

Updated: Apr 21

Thanks as always for your continued support ⭐️⭐️⭐️

It warms my heart when I think about the time we've all spent together on this journey, via Angel Sessions or Training Programs, its been a blessing for me...

As you know, at some point this year (clearly Divine Timing, not mine) 😉 I will be heading to pastures new, full of adventures and fun times, yay!

So I'm still around, offering the usual services; feel free to visit the website and book yourself a session or check out the training programs. (I only take on a few training program students at any one time, currently there is space for 1 maybe 2)

Angel, Intuitive and Akashic Records Sessions

Soul Clearings with ReBalance SL

Property Clearances

And not forgetting the Training Programs...

ReBalance SL

Soul to Soul

In the Company of Angels

Many blessings to you...


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