Message from Rae!

Hello everyone, another message...

So many changes are occurring for us at this time, and it’s absolutely essential that we are as aligned and grounded as we can possibly can be, moment to moment.

2020 was always going to be an interesting year, just look at the number, look at the balance, it energetically just flows...

We are being asked to look deep within our hearts at this time, we are being asked to surrender and let go, we are being asked to trust that all is well, we are being asked to get crystal clear on our desires and intentions for the coming days and weeks ahead.

If you are uncertain of the way ahead, ask to be shown, sit in silence and meditate. If you are uncertain of the way ahead, make no big decisions until you are absolutely certain about the choice you are going to make/follow.

I have been shown the possibilities that await each and everyone of us, the heavenly potential is right there with you.

Surrender... trust...

Remaining aligned and grounded ensures that you will reach the highest vibrational outcome, and within those moments you may see what still *has to be released from your being/system.

(*essential healing/clearing work; we all have to participate in this process. Every person on this planet has deep healing work to do).

Do what works for you, but make sure you are moving forward. Do not let yourself become inactive on any level, this is essential at this time.

A final note: I’m not using facebook or messenger at the moment. It’s such a low vibrational app that I find very challenging to be around, so please email or contact me via the website. There’s a telephone number there also.

as always LOVE



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