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Updated: Mar 24

NoNonsenseAngels are pleased to be offering this new and exciting workshop,

Higher Self Healing.

An online, recorded workshop, which will support your already in-place connection to your Higher Self, guide you with clearer alignment, and show you how to maintain that connection day to day.

This is the first workshop, that will be using a different method of connecting with Angels, Archangels and Spiritual Guides, however in this instance, it will be your

Higher Self.

This method uses Angelically guided Angel Cards, created within the Akashic Records, and combines an active, hands-on approach with each card.

These cards are created individually for each person, and within the Akashic Records your Higher Self embeds your card with your unique frequency. Each card then activates when you place your hands on the card, and the energies start to flow immediately.

Deep healing takes place on every level, and throughout the workshop you will guided on how to move forward using this beautiful Higher Self Healing Card.

For further details please use the link below, thank you!

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