Higher Self Alignment with Archangel Ariel

Workshop - Saturday 23rd November, 2019. ​ 3pm - 5pm GMT (9am CST) ​ There will be 2 main stages to this online workshop... Stage 1: Establish a clear connection with Archangel Ariel, then with loving support from this Archangel, address any issues or preconceived ideas/beliefs, which are creating interference with Higher Self communication and awareness. ​ Stage 2: Using the support from Archangel Ariel, you then connect and communicate with your Higher Self. In a clear and simple manner, allowing Divine energy to flow through you.

————— There will be a personal message from Archangel Ariel or your Higher Self for each of you. This will be emailed after the workshop. ————— ​ This workshop is open to anyone; beginners and those well travelled on this path! You will be required to create a account, this is free and easy to use (if you need guidance please ask) For those of you that cannot attend the ‘live’ event, the workshop will be recorded .

You will have access to this video recording or mp3 audio file, to use whenever you wish.

It can be downloaded to your PC or laptop. On completion of payment you will receive an email with further details and requests. If you have any questions, please contact me. ​ £20 per person.


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