Buddha Workshop (online)

Workshop - Saturday 26th October, 2019.

3pm - 6pm GMT (9am CST)

There will be 3 main stages to this online workshop - 

Stage 1: Energetic Clearing

You will receive a full energetic clearing from the Angelic Realm and the Buddha.

This clearing will take to the light, anything that is getting in your way and slowing you down.

Clearing will occur on many levels of your being.

Anything that is disrupting your Soul-connection will also be dealt with.

Chakras will be balanced, auric fields repaired, and full grounding established.

Stage 2: Meditation

This meditation will establish your connection to your Soul,

and then further your connection to the Buddha.

This wonderful being of light will connect with you, support you remembering any connections you have had previously, offering you LOVE, LIGHT, and access to knowledge and information to support you on this journey.

Stage 3: Connection

Here you will use the breath to remain sure of your connection to the Buddha.

You will breathe into life areas where transformation is required, you will tune-in to the Buddha, ask questions/take notes, and establish a clearer awareness of your (already in-place) connection to the Buddha

This newly established awareness will join you on your journey.


There will be a personal message from Buddha for each of you.

This will be emailed after the workshop. 


This workshop is open to anyone; beginners and those well travelled on this path!

You will be required to create a account, this is free and easy to use

(if you need guidance please ask)

For those of you that cannot attend the ‘live’ event, the workshop will be recorded for all of you. You will have access to this recording to use whenever you wish.

It can also be downloaded to your PC or laptop.

On completion of payment you will receive an email with further details and requests.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

£20 per person.


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