Archangel Raphael Meditation Sunday 28th

Join us this Sunday at 3pm UK time (9am CST) on FaceBook, for this free guided meditation with Archangel Raphael.

This 'live' meditation will support you to free up and release any energetic blocks that are slowing you down, and getting in the way of you manifesting the life you desire!

These blocks (sometimes called self-sabotage) are created by us through illusion and fear, and can prevent forward motion in the very life area we are trying to manifest.

Every life area can get impacted by these blocks, and these blocks (some of them) have been around for a very long time.

Is there a life area of yours that just won't shift? Then it's possible that self created blocks are getting in your way.

Join us this Sunday, and start to clear these energies, and live the life you truly desire.

(Before the meditation, its a good idea to sit and look at your life, see where there is a lack of energetic movement, and bring 1 or 2 areas to the meditation, that you wish to look at, and free up energetically!

It's best to only do a few at a time, as in some cases there might be a deeper discord that you may need to become aware of, before the shift can occur.

Don't worry about the how, what where or when, all will be revealed on Sunday...)

As Archangel Raphael said,

'we are only a thought away!"

To join us on FaceBook send me a friend request here -

Look on my timeline and you will see the Meditation post, click reminder, and you will be notified when the meditation is about to go live...

This meditation will be on the website eventually.

See you Sunday!


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