Archangel Ariel (LOVE)

LOVE is an energy of great power, and most of you (and this is said with the deepest respect) are still unaware of the power of LOVE.

LOVE really can move mountains. LOVE can lift you to the highest dimension. LOVE can calm the densest of storms. LOVE can bridge the gap. LOVE can show you the way forward. LOVE can bring you healing. LOVE can align. LOVE can…

There isn’t anything LOVE cannot do!

Please read that again - there isn’t anything LOVE cannot do.

Sit with this concept for a few moments…read slowly,

There isn’t anything LOVE cannot do.

There isn’t anything LOVE cannot do.

There isn’t anything LOVE cannot do.

Have you fully grasped this? Do you understand what is being said to you?

LOVE is everything. The energy of LOVE is everything.


It matters not your question, LOVE is the answer, LOVE is the key!

Whatever your current experience, let LOVE lead the way, LOVE will show you how.

~ ~ ~

We will begin with you, beautiful you!

As some of you will know (from a previous post), when you awaken to your spirituality, heal yourself. Nothing else truly matters.

When healing occurs, then everything else will fall into place…

Part off your healing journey, is to learn to LOVE yourself. Some of you find this challenging, due to past experiences, societal and religious conditioning, and let’s not forget the ego.

Everything appears to be against you, you forget about your light, that inner Divine spark, that has shone for eons, and will never diminish, you forget and fall asleep.

But those of you that are reading this, are awake, most of you are wide awake, and the self healing must take place, the LOVE of self must manifest, if you are to truly shine!

I am reaching out to you today, to say that I will support you, I will support you to LOVE yourself completely. Just as you are, whole, complete and perfect!

I will support you to see past the illusions, I will support you to free-up the fears, to let go of the guilt once and for all, to embrace your perfection, to understand yourself, to guide you towards full self expression, however that looks.

All you have to do, is LOVE yourself!

As you read this, I, Archangel Ariel will connect with you, LOVE you, support you in Divine alignment, and if you so choose, I can guide you forward, and show you how LOVE will win the day!

A clearing meditation will be forthcoming, guided by myself, as you look at self LOVE and Divine alignment.

It has been a pleasure to connect with you today, and remember, ‘we are only a thought away!’

Archangel Ariel.


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