Animal Clearings...

As some of you know, I’ve started working with animals, your animal companions that live at home or in an animal shelter. It’s been great fun, and quite the experience, as I learned to communicate with them.

Training is complete! YAY!

I’m offering an Animal ReBalance SL session via the NoNonenseAngels website, and during the training I met my animal spirit guide, who creates the intuitive bridge between myself and the animals I’m working with.

Well it was no surprise that my animal spirit guide turned out to be a female Kingfisher called, Fara!

Which goes some way to explaining all the photographs I’ve posted of Kingfishers 😁(on FaceBook)

Each animal or bird is so unique in their energy and how they communicate. So far I’m discovering that horses have the most to say, followed by dogs!

I’m looking forward to working with these high vibrational beings!


It’s been an interesting journey connecting with birds and animals, but what’s amazed me is that they all knew I’d be doing this work before I did.

They’ve been preparing me, getting me ready.

It all began, as it usually does with me, one morning upon opening my eyes and something had shifted, something new was with me, and I instantly knew it was time to offer the Animal ReBalance SL sessions.

Leading up to that point, various male and female pheasants had started to visit me, I offered them healing.

One male pheasant in particular, he’s about a third smaller than normal, and only has one eye. But what a character he is. He’s brave and courageous and has started flying onto my bedroom window looking for me (or the seeds perhaps) I feed him well, and off he goes.

Just recently, I’m now being visited by a hedgehog (he wants healing) and surprise surprise a Badger (he wanted healing too) birds are flying into my bedroom having a look around (very calmly) saying hello and flying out the window again.

I get the feeling I’m on track with offering these animal clearings...

Feel free to share....


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