Allowing Yourself to SHINE!

"Balance in all life areas, is required for every human being wishing to manifest their heart's desire..."Lady Faith.

This exciting, online training program is brought to you by Lady Faith.

Lady Faith is the Divine Complement to Archangel Michael. Not only will she bring the energies of Clarity, Self Empowerment, Balance, and Self Love, she will guide you towards mastering life!

As you progress along your life path, you will reach a point where 'balance' in all life areas is essential, if you are to continue moving forward with the intention to heal and raise your vibration.

Each and every one of us, has the potential to shine as brightly as the sun, here on this current earth plane.

This program will remind you of this, and show you anything that's getting in the way.​

Lady Faith is a powerful ally to have by your side, and you will be hearing more about her in the coming weeks and months.

This training program is open to anyone, beginner and those more experienced.

5 months training with Lady Faith, with 4 individual sessions each month.

(20 sessions in all, making this training program excellent value)

Each session will last 45 minutes via telephone call or video chat.

Please visit the website for full details, thank you...


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