• Rae Antu Asar

Akashic Records Training Program with NoNonsenseAngels

This training program will not only support you to connect with the Akashic Records, it will guide you towards greater alignment with and within yourself.

A prerequisite for this training program is to *complete the first stage of the ReBalance SL Training.

*The Akashic Records (AR’s) requires this level of self-clearing, so that you are better able to deal with all external interference, and bring to yourself better alignment. You will be required to do a self-clearing (ReBalance SL session) before every training program session.

The ReBalance SL training is a great introduction to the AR’s, and offers the first step in aligning you to the vast and wonderful Akashic Records.

Once it is established, that you are ready for this training, the first step will be to connect with either Archangel Metatron, Archangel Auriel, or Archangel Uriel, and your Akashic Records Guide. You will receive as much support as is necessary to master these connections, and get to know these beings of light.

Training will manifest in the form of home assignments, meditative journeys with your AR’s Guides and Angels, Q & A tasks, investigatory journeys within the Akashic Records, receive Angelic Realm knowledge and knowhow, and many other ways forward will be revealed as you progress…


Although this training will have a certain step by step momentum, it will also grow and expand as you do, and transform into a training program just for YOU!

For further information please visit the website - feel free to contact me with any questions...

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