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It is essential that you understand the following - 


  • it is your responsibility to keep your home/car energised and clear (you can do this daily through prayer and requesting/inviting Angelic presence and energy into your home/car) combined with requests from your *spiritual team (*guides and angels) to remove all unseen energies that do not belong in your home/car, or have not been invited by you.


  • keep your thoughts elevated to the highest level at all times, along with a peaceful disposition (peaceful thoughts don’t attract dense entities and energies)


  • the shields of light that are placed around your home/car will only last if you are peaceful, and careful of your environment (living in the countryside; shields last much longer than a home located in the city - this is due to so many different detrimental factors of city life) Cars tend to wear out shields quickly.


  • your *spiritual team can support shield maintenance, please ask for daily assistance


  • all of this guidance, is offered through my own personal experience and training with the Akashic Records/Angelic Realm - I cannot offer you any tangible proof of what I say, except to say that many clients would be willing to share with you their personal experience of before and after.



Personal Shields:


  • After receiving a personal clearing (ReBalance SL) which can take days and even weeks to complete - many shields of light are placed around your entire being - these are placed to support you and your system, during the clearing process, which can (but not always) trigger emotional and mental clearing of dense energy from within your body/mind/emotions - these shields can last many weeks and months (depending on you, your state of mind, environment etc)


- the human mind is responsible for about 50% of the wear and tear on these shields of light - so if you'd like them to stay in place for as long as possible - choose peace in every life area!


  • please be aware that if you have been unwell, visited the dentist, had an operation (and received an injection, for example), or indeed given someone permission to work on you energetically - your shields will wear out quickly, and in some cases drop instantly (always be aware of what you are doing to your *system (*body/mind) and use discernment when it comes to giving someone permission to work on you, your body, and/or your energy fields)


- yes, a ReBalance SL can support you in feeling great again, feeling well, and feeling happy, they clear away all the energetic intrusions that slow us down, stop and confuse us, cause us anxiety, and generally take our smile away - so YES these clearings can support you greatly, and guide you forward, but it is up to you to take care of you, it is up to you to make sure you have a reliable self care regime in place - and with that glorious self care regime in place, these ReBalance SL sessions (personal clearings) are some icing on the cake!


-  In all cases, if you are uncertain about your health, you must always seek the advice of a Doctor or Health Care Professional.

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