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While one session can offer a profound shift, a series of 5 or more sessions is recommended for more profound journeys and long-term benefits.

The Lucia N°03 hypnagogic light machine is not a medical treatment or therapeutic device.  Instead it turns to consciousness as a state of health and wellbeing that is always available when not obscured by daily distractions and thought processes. 

In other words, you are already perfect and well. Stepping back into the state where you can access this state of wellbeing can assist in letting go of any imbalances that may be expressed in your energetic, emotional, astral or physical bodies. 

Each person's light journey is different, every single time. Some people are more focused on the visual effects, feeling elated or joyful, others notice the deep relaxation. 

Other light travelers report that their mind feels clear and they feel light, while others focus on creative inspiration. 

Still other light travelers report that they notice that they feel like they have released energy that was not theirs, stress they were no longer interesting in holding on to, or low vibrational emotions towards themselves or others, such as anger/resentment/grief/disappointment/pain. 

We highly recommend you experience a Lucia N°03 light session for yourself to see what benefits you will find from a light experience. 


***Please be aware that the Lucia Light isn't suitable for everyone.

If you are light sensitive, photosensitive, sensitive to flashing/flickering lights, epileptic, or have had seizures in the past, then these sessions are not suitable for you.

**Use of the Lucia Light no.3 is at the liability of the user.

You (the reader of this statement) have now been made aware that in very rare instances, deep state trances can be followed by convulsions or flashbacks.

If you are currently on any medication, please consult with your Doctor before making an appointment.

You must be over *18 to participate in these sessions.

As always, it is your responsibility to make sure you have a reliable self care regime in place.

In all cases, if you are uncertain about your health, you must always seek the advice of a Doctor or Health Care Professional.

The Lucia Light no.3 is not a medical device. Informed consent (signed waiver) will be required before a session.

NoNonsenseAngels reserves the right to decline individuals access to the light at any time.

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