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Benefits of the Dream Machine

As the Dream Machine experience is truly interactive, with the benefits aligning to what is most needed in the moment for the person experiencing the lamp. Reported benefits include:


  • drop effortlessly into a deeply meditative state

  • improve focus, memory and cognition

  • taking a break from thinking actually helps with productivity

  • release negative emotional patterning


  • create space to feel your emotions and process challenging past experiences

  • regulate your nervous system, therefore stabilizing emotional responses

  • connect to a sense of beauty
    and wonder


  • increase bloodflow to the brain and eyes

  • release stressed and stored tension in your body

  • improved quality of sleep

  • reset/recalibrate your circadian rhythms

  • may improve symptoms of mild depression when used in the morning


• activate your third eye

• assistance with your intuition

• connect to your guides &
higher self

• improve your meditation

practice even outside of

Dream Machine sessions

• explore inner visions and even
astral travel

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