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Ashtar: List

Archangel Healing Sessions, and Ashtar. 


Archangel Healing Session


This meditative session, will support the clearing of any stuck frequencies within your system. Energies that are getting in your way and slowing you down. Some of these frequencies within  your system will be known to you, others yet to be discovered.


In this healing session, the Archangels will be supporting the release of - anger, fear, abuse, victim consciousness, self loathing, self punishment, suppression of life, and fear of God.


Although this may sound challenging and intense, it will be quite the opposite, as the Archangels will be by your side, moment to moment, guiding and supporting…the guided meditative journey will ensure love, light, and compassion will be flowing in all directions…


Financial Exchange: £15.00 p/p


Sunday 12th March, 6.30pm



Ashtar Healing Session


Join the one and only Ashtar on this exciting healing session.

Different from the previous Ashtar session, this one will be supporting you to access life areas newly, to see things differently, to open up to the Universe, to welcome Soul energy into your life, to take the next steps, and move forward with life confidently.


(Abundance, Change, Empowerment, Gratitude, Inspiration, Potential, Self Belief, Self Trust, Spontaneity, Success, God)


Further information will be given nearer the time.


Financial Exchange: £15.00 p/p


Sunday 26th March, 6.30pm






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