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Ascended Masters Session: List

Ascended Master Soul Path


For this enlightening session, an Ascended Master already awaits your presence, and eagerly anticipates a wonderful and deeply healing connection. Your Soul will have worked with this Master Guide before, but ‘you’ may not necessarily be aware of them in this lifetime. 


Get ready to travel into the ethers, bringing forward Soul energy and wisdom…

This session is ideal for everyone, and especially those of you at a crossroads, or contemplating your life/soul path. Are you about to explore new possibilities? Are you training in something new? Or has a new door opened, and you need a fellow explorer to accompany you?

The Ascended Master Soul Path consists of 2 sessions.


After the initial session, you and your Ascended Master Guide head off into the sunset for two weeks, working closely together, connecting, healing, moving forward with any ideas, plans, and general observations gathered within session 1.


After two weeks, you both return for session 2 - where more guidance and healing will be offered.


It is suggested by the Ascended Masters, that enough training will be received via the two sessions, and the two week connection, that you will be able to fully maintain this flow afterwards. Future sessions can be arranged for you and your Master Guide.

Financial exchange: £115.00 GBP

(this price includes both sessions, and any in-between session guidance that might be needed over the first two weeks)


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