The Archangel Connection is the foundation Angel Card; it's the best place to begin working with these cards, and the high vibrational energies you will connect with...

The Archangel Connection (AC), was created within the Akashic Records and the Angelic Realm, specifically the realm of the Archangels. It was brought forward by a team of Archangels, that I have been working closely with for some years now, and using the AC will support you to connect with them in a similar manner.

The Archangels involved with the AC are, Archangel MichaelArchangel Gabriel, Archangel UrielArchangel Raphael

Archangel MetatronArchangel ArielArchangel Haniel, and Archangel Raziel.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

The AC works with your active participation, and full instructions are included.

After the clearing work is completed (as per instructions) you place your hands on the AC within the coloured ovals,

and the connection is established; this invites the Archangels to be with you. You then set an intention for the session, and the energies will flow...

The AC can be used for the following, but is not limited to the following:

Connecting with the Archangels, supports meditation, receive Angelic healing/energy work, balancing your chakra system, clearing your energy-fields, finely tuning your psychic abilities, understanding your patterns/behaviours, clearing blocks (self sabotage), clearing your environment, ask for guidance/receive intuitive information, enhances mantras, creates balance and peace, can reveal anything getting in your way, strengthens your already in-place Angelic connections...

These and many more uses for the AC will become apparent with daily use...(please see the video clip and testimonials below)

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I started working with the Archangel Connection (AC) with an open mind. I was really pleasantly surprised to start exploring the many levels and possibilities the AC Healing Tool can offer us.

Under the gentle and clear guidance of Rae/Antu and the Angels, I discovered ways of working with the AC, as well as different ways of setting intentions I had not thought of. 

Once the connection was established, the Archangels supported me clearing deeply stuck, accumulated past life traumas, limiting beliefs and vibrations, accompanied with insights and guidance as to how to proceed in the most appropriate manner in the moment. Also, absolutely beautiful meditation journeys that gave my soul such joy!

This Divine journey of getting to know the Archangels better this way, has found me in awe. The energy in my life has started to flow much better, on many levels.

In deep gratitude to the Archangels and Rae for the Archangel Connection.

Samalia, The Netherlands.

The first time I used the Archangel Connection Healing Tool I set my intention for specific healing, the connection was immediate and I received a strong loving energy from the Archangels.

What it also does, is guide and give you healing where you didn’t think you needed it; it’s very intuitive and opens up and helps clear and release other aspects.

When you truly relax into the AC that’s when the wonderful energies of the Archangels come through. I also find that not only am I receiving healing, but prompts to help me on my journey, for example the Ho'oponopono came up every time I asked for healing and forgiveness with people, and I’ve also been guided to do other things on the back of these sessions.

The AC is also wonderful just to help with a deeper connection with the Archangels, as well as helping with manifestation.

A truly wonderful tool that I am using most days to support me.

Thank you Antu 🙏😇

Jhiseer. U.K.

The Archangel Connection Angel Card (AC) gave me clarity in my connection with the Archangels...it was as if I was being raised up and could be supported with a higher, purer level of connection and hence healing.

The closer connection supported me to see the blocks which were hindering me in all aspects of my life - spiritual, health, and work - and to remove these blocks so I could move forward on my spiritual path.

The AC will support anyone who wishes that closer connection with the Archangels which supports them to explore their spiritual path and themselves with more clarity, focus and love.

V. C. Scotland

The Archangel Connection (AC) energy is really strong, you can feel it as soon as your hands are placed on the Angel Card, always providing a very healing and supportive energy. The AC supported me to connect with Archangels I hadn't previously called upon, and has enabled me to get used to their energy and  unique support. 

Since using the AC, there has been a significant change in my communication style with others, I have been able to speak out in difficult situations where previously I would have held things in or reacted in an angry communication style.  This has led to more open communication and less upset for other parties, preserving the relationship. 

The AC takes you into a beautiful meditative state quickly, and in that space I did lots of Inner Child healing.

The AC has helped me to see things from a different perspective, and also to make time for daily healing/ meditation. 

J. C. Scotland