Animal ReBalance SL


Our Animal companions and pets, are just like us!

They are connected to a soul, have a chakra system, a wide range of emotions, and


have a reason for being here.

With that in mind, it's essential that our animal companions are well taken care of and supported,


providing them with everything they need, to live a healthy, happy life.

Animals have a wide range of emotions, experiencing joyhappiness, loveconnectedness,

and they also experience fear based emotions.

If you have an animal companion in your life, a ReBalance SL session will support them greatly.

Like us, it's about maintaining energetic balance, and clearing away the unseen intrusions that are


impacting us moment to moment.

Your pet or animal companion doesn't need to have any issues to benefit from a ReBalance SL session.


These sessions can support all animal companions, to free-up the following:

agitation, attachment, aggression, attention seeking, depression, fear, intolerance, highly strung, impatience, jealousy, lack of confidence, lack of interest, lethargy, mood swings, nervousness, obsessive behaviour, overly dominant, overeating, overwhelmed, possessive, stressed, stuck in a behaviour, submissive, trauma (shock), unfriendly, unsettled behaviour, and many more...

These sessions are done distantly, using a photograph to connect with your animal companion 


and their Akashic Records.

A detailed report is then emailed to you.

Financial exchange £40

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