NoNonsenseAngels are proud to present, Angel Healing Cards.

These wonderful cards can support you with Angelic ConnectionMeditation, and access various levels of Energy and Healing.

Created within the Akashic Records and the Angelic Realm, these multi-dimensional cards will guide you forward with day to day use.

Each individual card is created with guidance from the Angelic Realm, with one, two or several Archangels coming forward to offer their LOVE, LIGHT, and ENERGY, which is embedded into the cards in the form of light-language, and light keys. This process turns each card into a multi-dimensional healing tool, giving you access to high vibrational energy with every use.

Having access to these high vibrations on a day to day basis, can support you in amazing ways, and guide you within every life area; these cards can be used by beginners, and those well travelled on the spiritual path...

Each card is A4 in size, created with high quality products, and laminated to last forever.

As each card is printed, it takes-on the embedded Angelic light codes and keys, as well as your 'SOUL' frequency (from the Akashic Records) and is created to work specifically with you.

Each card comes with instructions, and initial support is offered, to assist you connecting with your Angel Card.

There will be a 'free' monthly meditation/healing session for you to attend, where the Archangels and myself will guide you, as you use your Angel Card. 

The first card to be released is called, Archangel Connection.

This will be the foundation card on which to begin your journey, and working with energies in this manner.

All of the cards that will be presented have been throughly tested, not only by myself and the Archangels, but by a team of willing 'NoNonsenseAngels Testers'.

Please use the links below to visit each card.

Archangel Connection