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Akashic Records Session: List

​The Archangels have asked me to begin offering Akashic Records Sessions. These sessions will be live, over the telephone or via Skype (*Skype sessions can be recorded).

Journey within your Akashic Records (AR's), accompanied by your unique AR's Guides and Angels who will support you on every level. The Akashic Records stores all information for every human life past and present. These records revealed, can be deeply healing, and clarity abound. 

Is there something about your current life, slowing you down? Would you like some guidance on your health and well-being? Who are your AR's Guides and Angels? Are there some previous soul life experiences that need some attention, in order for you to move forward now? Are you changing life direction and looking for guidance? What are your skills and abilities, do you need clarification? Is your life on track? You're at a crossroads, which turn might you take? 

The Akashic Records can support you with just about everything, and guidance offered, but remember, at the end of the day, the choice is yours.

These sessions will last around 50 minutes. You can ask 6 main questions, and if there is time, any other information will be offered to you, most likely connected to where you are right now. The questions can be asked of different life areas, or you may wish to focus on one area. You will receive high vibrational energy-work throughout each session.

Most questions will receive guidance, but there are some areas where you will not be allowed entry! Please be aware that some life areas may need longer to explore and we might not manage to answer your 6 questions in one session.

Financial exchange:   £80


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