Offered in two parts: the first being a detailed report, emailed to you, followed by a 30 minute online session, supporting connection and alignment to the report/spiritual guide/Divine energies...

Here you connect with a Spiritual Guide (name will be given); this guide supports me within your AR's, ensuring accurate information is passed along. You will be fully connected to this guide during the live session.

Within the AR's we will look at areas of your life where clearing/healing is required, what attention is required by you, and ways forward. All areas revealed will have potential blocks that are slowing you down.

We then move on to Contracts; contracts that are complete but you are still engaging with them, contracts that need to be dissipated, and any other contract information useful to you at this time.

The final part of the report is called Divine Inspiration: where within the AR's we connect with the Divine Energies, bringing forward information and guidance, embodied with Divine Love, and delivered in a unique way, just for you!

Financial Exchange £90